As well as our ‘off the shelf’ products we can build customised systems and processes to meet any requirements for our clients.

Previous consultancy projects have included short-term proof of concepts though to expansive systems for full commercial deployment.

Stage 1

Understanding The Requirements

Allow us to work with you to truly understand the requirements and define the key goals for the solution

Stage 2

Designing The Solution

Our team will design and produce a model based on what we've learned and observed during stage 1 for you to explore and adjust to suit. This is a crucial learning stage and allows us to tweak and adjust the component parts

Stage 3


Having finalised the specification and features, in stage 3 we can commence the build process. We'll keep you informed every step of the way showing you each new release to get your feedback and input as we perfect the model

Stage 4


Once we've finalised and tested the model we will work with your teams to ensure a smooth integration with your existing systems and processes

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